Find your inner love, so you’re no longer coasting through life, but glowing with a purpose!

let your light shine bright

I’ll help you find your light so you can know abundance and live your life with love, joy, purpose, and love the life you live. The night’s sky would be dark without twinkling stars. The world needs your bright light to shine too.

What 's a light worker?

One who is highly intuitive with an innate understanding that their higher purpose is to help individuals see their unlimited potential and to raise the collective consciousness of humanity, bringing a higher concentration of light and love to the planet. 

Your soul is on a purposeful journey. This life and its trials are your souls journey to grow.

 Look deep inside, and you can learn to alter the foundations of your perspective, helping to free yourself from chains that keep you from moving forward. 

Sometimes you need a kick start with your goals, make a shift in your perspective or find the encouragement to pick yourself up and keep trying.

I’m here to help you find that missing piece and find your passion, so you can live a life you love, and to help you see the world is a more beautiful place because of you!

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

I'm Tamara

agent of change

My life’s work is to help you discover your inner love, accomplish your biggest dreams, and find deep purpose in your life; so you share your unique gifts and spread your bright, happy light, making the world a better place.

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