We are all connected

3+ mind-blowing studies show how connected you are to the universe [and why you should care]

Ancient wisdom teachings have told us we are connected to the universe and each other. Not only does our inner world affect our outer world, but our external world is a reflection of our internal world, and modern quantum science has shown this to be true. 

Quantum science has demonstrated that your DNA is affected by your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and it affects the matter that makes up your world. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions affect your world, your reality, and your existence.

Separateness isn't a thing. We are all connected to each other and the universe

Quantum science tells us we are connected to one divine source. Whatever you want to call it; The Universe, The Source, The Divine Matrix, The Higher Source, Your Higher Power, God; It is the field that connects all things.

The instant before the big bang, fourteen billion years ago, all of the matter in the universe was compressed into a blazing, dense speck, the size of a single marble. The moment after the big bang, the universe began to expand quickly and is still expanding today.

The energy from the explosion should have decimated all of the matter, and antimatter held within that tiny speck. Still, a small amount of matter endured, along with infinitely changing energy. Those particles that did survive contained all of the precise keys for life to exist.

What are you made of?

At the most basic level, you are made of atoms, which are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Atoms are the building blocks of matter (1). Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. All matter is made up of atoms.

Your skin, bone and muscle are made of cells. Cells are made of protein, water, as well as other components that are all made up of molecules. At the centre of every cell are very complicated molecules of DNA and RNA. If you unravelled all of the DNA in your body, it would reach Pluto and back 13 times. That’s a lot of molecules!

Molecules are a collection of atoms, and the human body is composed of molecules galore!

silhouette of tree tops against milky way galaxy

To understand the real sense of scale and wonder of how connected we are, imagine a kernel of corn sitting on the field of a football stadium. The kernel is a nucleus, the stadium is an atom. That is a lot of ’empty’ space between the nucleus and the atom it is contained within. 

Translate that space to what makes up you. If all of the empty space held within your atoms disappeared, you could fit into a particle of dust, and the entire human race could fit into the volume of a sugar cube. You are almost entirely empty space (2).

If the empty space was compressed from all matter within the universe, it would fit inside that blazing, dense marble that existed right before the big bang.

Everything, that moment before the big bang, was once physically connected. All matter in every star, and every human, was once connected in a blazing, dense speck.

Galactic image of male and female nebulous gas forms

Within all of the cells of your body, 99% is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Many of the atoms you’re made of, including hydrogen atoms within you, were produced in the big bang. The carbon, nitrogen and oxygen were made in the core of an exploding star. You are literally a galactic being.

How Connected are we?

Entanglement: "spooky action at a distance."

In May 1997, at the University of Geneva, scientists demonstrated in an experiment the phenomenon that two distinct particles were linked (3) despite being 11 kilometres away from each other. They split a photon (a bundle of electromagnetic energy and the basic unit of all light) into a pair of less energetic photons travelling through an optic fibre cable in opposite directions to two different villages nearby Geneva. Each photon was fed into a detector.

The researchers influenced one photon while they observed the other. Each behaved precisely the same despite only one photon being actively influenced. It was as if a coin was flipped at one village, while another was flipped in the other town. Each time the first was grabbed out of the air and seen as ‘heads up,’ the other coin would simultaneously stop spinning and land heads up as well. They were able to repeat the feat thousands of times in a row.

How could one photon act the same as it’s twin without being touched? The two photons were entangled. Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance.”

This experiment showed once physical matter is connected, even if it is torn apart, it is still connected in the quantum field, energetically linked forever. 

So that would suggest our interactions with others would energetically link us together forever too. Imagine how that translates to your life. Every person you meet along your path in life becomes part of your human experience and you theirs.

The very essence of you influences the very nature of what makes up our world.

Quantum biologists Vladimir Poponin and Peter Gariaev shared the results of a series of experiments done in 1992, showing human DNA can directly affect the physical world. Their work was published in the journal of Nanobiology in 1995. They believed what they discovered was a new field of energy connecting what the world is made of, with what humans are made of. They called it the DNA Phantom Effect (4).

Poponin summarized in the introduction of the report, “We believe this discovery has tremendous significance for the explanation and deeper understandings of the mechanisms underlying subtle energy phenomena including many of the observed alternative healing phenomena.”

The DNA Phantom Effect Experiment

The two scientists designed an experiment to test the behaviour of DNA on photons, the ‘stuff’ our world is made of. They created a vacuum, then using a precise instrument, they measured the location of all of the remaining photons within the vacuum. It was no surprise these photons had no order, they were just particles floating randomly within the container.

Next, they added samples of human DNA inside the vacuum with the photons. What they found no one had anticipated. The particles began to arrange themselves in the presence of living material; the DNA was clearly influencing the photons and shaping them into regular patterns. No principle in conventional physics would allow for this to happen. Poponin wrote in his summary that he and his team were “forced to accept the working hypothesis that some new field structure is being excited.”

Photons restructured as DNA lattice

So what does this tell us about ourselves?

The stuff you are made of was observed to have a direct effect on the quantum stuff our world is made of. When DNA was removed from the vacuum, the photons remained in order, as if the DNA was still in there influencing them! The DNA changed the behaviour of the photons.

Your very existence influences the world around you. You have a direct effect on the world around you at a quantum level, just as the ancient wisdom teachings and spiritual texts have told us.

The twin photon experiment and the DNA phantom experiment have shown us, from the most profound connection of our true essence, we are all connected to a quantum field and we are connected and entangled with each other. But the next two experiments on how emotions affect your DNA brings it all home.

Your emotions affect your DNA

In 1993 the US army performed experiments to determine if emotions had an effect on DNA, their results were reported in the journal Advances. After swabbing the volunteer’s mouth, the DNA sample was put in a specially designed chamber. The chamber was able to measure whether the emotion of the subject had an effect on the DNA.

The subject was taken to another room, then shown a series of images that would elicit genuine emotions. Using an atomic clock to measure time, researchers measured the effect on the DNA in the chamber and the difference in time from when the subject felt a certain emotion, to when the DNA was affected.

The researchers discovered the donor’s DNA showed powerful electrical responses the instant the donor experienced strong emotional peaks and dips. The time between the emotion and the DNA response was zero. They repeated this experiment at a distance of over 550 km with the same results.

The DNA responded as if it was still physically connected to the donor's body.

Your emotions have a direct impact on your DNA, whether your DNA is physically connected to you or not.  The next study on DNA tells us even more.

Your emotions affect the DNA of those around you.

Between 1992 and 1995, researchers Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty (5), performed experiments to determine if someone’s emotion could affect someone else’s DNA. 

They isolated human DNA in a glass beaker then placed the DNA within the range of a human heart of individuals trained in creating coherent emotions. The individuals could quiet the mind, shift awareness to the heart and focus on positive emotions.

The researchers monitored the DNA chemically and visually and found unmistakably, human emotion changed the shape of the DNA. Even different intentions produced different effects on the DNA molecule, causing it to wind or unwind. Emotions of anger, hate, jealousy and rage caused the DNA to tighten like a knot. Emotions of love, compassion and gratitude caused the DNA to loosen and unwind.

Again, human emotions defied conventional laws of physics.

Human emotion changes and influences DNA.  Your DNA is not just handed down genetically, so what you get, you get. Rather, while there is a fixed quantity of DNA that defines our genetic blueprint, we can and do influence the state of our DNA and the state of other’s DNA.

Say What?

Let’s summarize the key points for those four experiments:

The twin photon experiment demonstrated once physical matter is connected, even if it is torn apart, it is still connected in the quantum field, energetically linked forever.  

The three experiments using human DNA, the essence of who you are, demonstrated:

  1. The stuff that makes up you, has a direct effect on the stuff that makes up our world.
  2. Whether or not you are physically connected to your DNA, no matter the distance, your emotions have a direct effect on your DNA. You are infinitely entangled with your own blueprint.
  3. Your emotions directly affect other people’s DNA.
Person on beach with arms outstretched at sunset

Ancient Wisdom Teachings say:

You are connected from source, you are connected to source;

quantum science says so too.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, and your internal world affects your external world. Your state of being, your emotions, alter your DNA and the DNA of others. 

Your DNA influences the very essence of the field that connects all things. The universe. Your higher power. God. The light. Entangled like the twin photon and joined forever from that moment before the big bang. You are a galactic being, from stardust.

You are the only you that will ever walk this planet. Your life and the reality you are living is a reflection of your inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

The very essence of who you are, influences the very nature of what this world is made of. Your very existence is a part of the tapestry of the universe. Just like the ancient teachings have told us.

Did the results from these quantum studies blow your mind too?

What do you think? Share with your friends and blow their minds too!

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