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Is your past blocking your future? Follow your bliss with these 3 tools.

You're a gift from the universe

The statistical odds that your unique you is on this planet are so infinitesimally small: it’s basically zero. Your soul is meant to be here on its unique journey. Your existence is a personal journey of the soul and part of the tapestry of the universe. There will only ever be the one you that walks this planet, in this lifetime. Only your unique gifts can be shared with the world by you. Time is fleeting, and your time is now. Your soul’s purpose is to live your life with love. As you choose to live your life from a place of love you will live by your soul’s true essence.

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The universe needs your unique gifts

Growing up as a child, you lived in an inner world you created. A world where anything was possible, and you embodied it. That crooked stick was your horse, that oak tree was your castle, that paper crown made you the greatest queen in the land. You spent hours in your imaginary world, with no sense of time, just living in the moment in your happiest place. 

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world

Then one day, an adult or kid at school criticized you for being the essence of who you were, playing freely in your pure, imaginative world. You learned it wasn’t okay to use your imagination anymore, that it was childish. Seeking approval from others so you would fit in, you let go of your dream world and began to follow the path everyone else expected of you.  You learned you weren’t good enough to just be you, you needed to be who others believed you should be.

Reflection of mountain in lake

In that instant, your brain manufactured a chemical creating an emotional signature from that experience. Your body was chemically instructed to understand what your thinking brain understood. And from that point on, whenever you had a concern that you wouldn’t fit in or wouldn’t make someone else happy, your body recreated that same sensation. In order to avoid that uncomfortable feeling, you did what you had to do, you let go of what came from your heart to please someone else.

As you grew up, the people you cared about most started to tell you who you should be, and you didn’t want to let them down. So, you left your dreams and imagination behind to live the practical world they expected of you.

You let go of your dreams to be who others felt you should be

Out of fear of not being the person others expected you to be, you followed a path that didn’t resonate in your heart. Your fear of disappointing others recreated the same chemical signature that your limbic brain created when you were criticized as a child, but now that feeling is so innate, it has become part of your subconscious programming. You left behind your passions, imagination and intuition to become someone else, someone others expected of you, and you did it subconsciously to avoid feelings of discomfort. The travesty? You haven’t shared your unique gifts with the world.

It’s never too late to change and create a new reality and new life for yourself.  Here are three tools that can help you on your journey.

1. Train your brain

In order to begin to change your subconscious conditioning, you need to get beyond the idea that the world works the way society had you believe it works. That means you need to be aware of the limiting belief that you have conditioned yourself to believe, and make a conscious decision to think a different thought. This is no easy feat. If it was easy, change would happen automatically. When your subconscious holds energy and thought patterns that conflict with the change you want to make, you become stuck. Through practice and repetition you can change your subconscious belief.

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Every subconscious belief you have is the result of a well-rehearsed and practiced thought. Your neurons assembled, making a network of superhighways of past experiences, and associated emotions. The more emotional the experience, the stronger the impression left on you. You experience a change from how you normally feel as a chemical imprint is left in your body resulting in a strong memory of that experience.  When you experience an event that triggers that memory, your body responds as though you are reliving that moment in the present. Your subconscious will autopilot the nervous system to shut down in order to save you from whatever is making you feel unsafe.

Every thought you have causes a biochemical reaction causing your brain to release chemical signals associated with that thought. In other words, you feel your thoughts. And as you feel your thoughts, you create more thoughts that match that feeling, releasing even more of those thoughts. It’s a cycle that feeds on itself. 

Strong emotions from past experiences hardwire subconscious beliefs and patterns into your state of being.

The secret to breaking those hardwired connections is to create a new experience and to get beyond the idea that the world works the way society had you fooled into believing.

You have to focus on new thoughts, new ideas and new feelings because where you focus your attention is where you focus your energy. You don’t want to be wasting your energy focusing on past experiences, you want to focus all of your energy on creating new experiences. Your body will always follow your mind, so it’s important to focus your energy on what you want more of.

2. It's innate to create

Each one of us is a creator. When you create with that feeling you had as a child, lost in space and time by following your intuition and passion, you become an infinite being. The more often you practice creating, the easier it will become. When you learn something new and have new experiences, your brain cultivates new synaptic connections, and this flourishes the growth of new neurons.  

Creativity resides within each one of us, and you are no exception. You are creating when you make a meal, play an instrument, sing a song, train for a race, plant a garden, plan a trip. You create every aspect of your life, and you get to choose how you create it. Where you direct your attention, you direct your energy and what you direct your energy on, expands.  

silhouette of girl making heart shape with hands at sunset

Think about that for a minute. That means that every moment up until this very moment, you created your current reality. You chose your path; you took the steps to get here; you made the decisions up until this very moment.  Your life events are made up of a series of events based on decisions you’ve made out of love or fear.

That doesn’t mean unwanted situations in your life are your fault. You can’t control what happens to you, but you do have control over how you respond to those unwanted situations. You choose whether you let someone else have your power, or you keep it for yourself.  You choose to respond from a place of love or from a place of fear.

Creativity resides within each one of us, and you are no exception.

You’ve created your life based on subconscious beliefs and acted upon those subconscious beliefs. You were going through the motions society tells us is the path: graduate from high school, choose a path for a well-paying profession, go to school to get the necessary education, find a career, get married, buy a house, have two kids, one dog, and a summer home. You get the point. Are you happy with your choices? Are you living the life of your dreams? Are you fulfilled? Or,  did you follow the path that society and others expect from you? It’s never too late to change your course.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you consciously create your future reality. If you created the life you’re living now, by going through the motions of what society says is ‘the path,’ what could you do if you actually made an effort to create the life you truly want? Imagine, in this very moment, you acknowledge your true self, and you begin to create the life you’ve always dreamed of, from a place of self-love. You learn to love who you are, you believe in your innate intuitive ability to create, and you begin to build a life around your passions. What would your life look like if you become a conscious creator of your reality? 

3. Live your life with love

When you live your life following your heart, you create a heart-centred path. That means when every decision you make is for the highest good, and you make choices from a place of love rather than from a place of fear, you will create a heart-centred life. You will meet others doing the same, creating a life of joy and love. 

"As you find your bliss in life, you put yourself on a path that has been waiting for you all along." -Joseph Campbell

You know what that path feels like. You’ve experienced it before. You’ve experienced it at that moment when you’ve done something that has filled your soul. Where you don’t wish you were anywhere else but in that moment doing what you’re doing. That feeling you experienced is the key to finding your bliss. That feeling is what your life should feel like.

Imagine life as a network of decisions, like branches on a tree or neural networks in the brain. Every decision takes you on a path or journey, and that journey connects you with others on their journey made by their own choices.  

Your life will begin to unfold with ease. You will begin to meet people in the field of your bliss. When you follow that heart-centred path, you never have to be afraid because doors will open for you in places where you didn’t even know they could be.

Heart-shaped network and tree quote choose your path from the heart

"Follow your bliss. Go where your heart and soul want to go. Don't let anyone throw you off your path." -Joseph Campbell

If you make your decisions from a place from your heart, following your bliss, you will meet others along that path that support those decisions. Sometimes those paths and connections with others are fleeting. The network is not as strong, like small branches or twigs, but no less essential to the growth of the tree. Sometimes the paths and connections resonate, and they become stronger, like limbs on the tree. You meet others along the way, making heart-centred decisions with positive intentions, connecting you to more love and positivity. 

The same will happen if you make decisions from a place of fear. You will meet others along that path, that reinforces those decisions, both theirs and yours. Would you rather be on a path of heart-centred love or a path of fear? What energy do you want to connect with?

Love the life you live

You can choose to live your life through fear or love. Your life is a blank canvas. You can create a beautiful masterpiece by choosing love. Or, you can let this life pass you by, by making decisions lead by choosing fear; living in the old feelings created by your past experiences -choosing to live in the past. 

The power to change the future lies within you. You will not find it anywhere else. You create the solutions to your biggest problems. When you follow your bliss, you become more whole, you become more present, and you become more loving. You feel gratitude instead of lack. You share your unique gifts with the world, and that feeling of present gratitude is perceived by others, spreading love, light and the desire by everyone you meet to make heart-centred decisions too.

Are you following your heart-centred path?

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With love and deepest gratitude,


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