Calm morning.

Order in the chaos. Why through the uncertainty there is a glimmer of hope.

Did you hear that? 

Amongst all of the social-distancing and media minute-by-minute coverage on the Covid-19 pandemic, Mother Earth just gasped a deep ethereal breath. 

Could it be that Covid-19 was nature’s vaccine against the viral human race that has suffocated and pillaged the very lifeline that keeps it sustained?

The planet is healing in our absence.

In only a week since Italy enforced a lockdown, viral social media images and news reports showed Venice canals running clear, teeming with fish, and dolphins frolicking in Sardinia. Nature rejoicing, exploring usually murky waters from the constant turbulent waters of tourist-filled gondolas and boats. Global Nitrogen dioxide has been falling significantly too and will continue to either disperse or absorb into the atmosphere. 

Quote to show we are here for one another

As people around the world are forced to return home from abroad, cancel vacations and stay home from work, Mother Earth is getting a reprieve from humanity and the relentless and growing pressure we put on her every day.

Given thoughts are physical things, is it possible we manifested this reality through a global collective consciousness of negativity and greed? Imagine what we could do for our future with a collective consciousness of positivity and hope.

Through the chaos there will be order.

The present moment is as much a gift to humanity as it is a gut-wrenching ordeal of loss and heartache. The whole world has paused and shifted focus from constant negativity, fear and anger to a collective focus of hope for our future. With a major shut down of our present global economy, we have an opportunity to switch perspectives from protesting out of a place of anger and fear to focusing on a future that is better than our past.

This pandemic is an opportunity for us all to reflect on who we want to be, and what world we want to live in after we get through this. It has shown us we can think differently, act differently and live differently, having a direct impact on society and the planet we live on.

The opportunity is now.

Our planet has a moment to rest and heal while we are forced to sit, slow down, regroup and think about a new way forward. 

Collectively, we can turn away from mass production and fast fashion. We can go back to a slower pace of life, focus on supporting the passions, skills, and talents of people locally. We can take power away from corporations and create a new world order.

As the entire world faces an unprecedented global financial meltdown, we can change our society. There is so much we can do to heal ourselves and our planet and the time is now.

What could that look like? We aren't helpless.

We create our reality and our future.

We have the power to create a bottom-up economy that is self-supporting through local crafters, makers, trades, and resources. Everything from our energy production, be it oil and gas to renewables, could be purchased and used locally. There would be no need for imports from China of our exported recyclables made into cheap plastic garbage sold back to us at discount and big-box stores for next to nothing. We would purchase quality items made locally and sustainably. Housing and food would be affordable for all, farmed and produced locally, and we no longer live to work but work to live. 

Positive Quote

The impacts of people struggling with mental health and depression would significantly drop because the human connection would be ignited, and people would have purpose and meaning in their lives again. Cancer rates would lower, and our general health would improve exponentially.

Our children would know the value of food, where it comes from and would have grown it themselves. They would understand and respect the power of mother nature and value the natural world.

As regions and communities, we ask ourselves not ‘where are the jobs coming from?” but ‘what work needs to be done?

Collectively, we have the power to change the world. We are the very creators of our current reality, and we can create a new reality for our future and future generations. 

Find your passion.

Take this time of social distancing to figure out what your superpower is, and consider how you can turn that into a way of life. The world needs your unique gift. That’s why you are here, part of the tapestry of the universe

We are seeing our global community come together through this time of crisis. Images of Italians singing from their balconies, separated physically, but not by heart. Artists and musicians sharing their passions with the world via video.

We are here to shine for one another.

Love creates community. Together, humanity can change the world for the better.

In this time while we are forced to slow down, there is an opportunity for reflection and change. Now more than ever, the world needs you to share your passions and gifts. In the words of the great Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss.”

I hope you are finding light during this time of uncertainty. 

If you feel like this could be the impetus for change let me know in the comments.

Share with your friends if you can see a glimmer of hope in the chaos.

Much love and gratitude,


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