The ancients knew the relationship between light and sound.

What’s the connection between vibration, sound and light? The ancients knew, do you?

You are light, electricity, vibration, sound.

You are made of vibration and information, frequencies that interact and react to the outside world. Ancient wisdom knew what Einstein told us, energy cannot be destroyed; it can only change form.  

Everything within the universe is constantly in motion. All matter begins at the highest frequency and speed of light, then is expressed through lower vibrations of sound. The vibration of colliding atoms and molecules shape until they hold a form at their own resonant frequency.

Even objects that appear to be solid and stationary are actually particles vibrating, oscillating, and resonating at various frequencies. Atoms that form physical objects we call solids are actually made up of 99.99999% space. Vibration is the essence of everything behind the creation of the physical world.

a quote from an Egyptian temple

Ancients of China, Sumeria and Mesopotamia, Egypt and India all understood that through developing a sensitivity to harmonic relationships, one could understand and experience the harmony between heaven and earth (1). The Ancients knew we could find wholeness by living in harmony with the cycles of heaven and earth and through the harmonic principles in our physical environment. 

Non-duality existed up until the famous mathematician of ancient Greece, Pythagoras, returned home from 34 years of learning mathematics and mysticism of Ancient Egypt and the East. It was from there he brought the philosophies home and re-expressed them in rational terms.

Pythagoras Quote of frequency and sound

Through time, as scientific theory and Darwin’s theory of evolution took centre stage, society began to separate mind and body, and humanity began to shift and disengage from spirit. It is through understanding and developing a sensitivity to the natural world that we can once again begin to know the significance of our existence. We can once again understand the connection between mind body and spirit and awaken humanity to the relationship between ourselves and the world around us.

Geometry manifests from sound and vibration

The study of cymatic frequencies on matter has shown us geometry is frozen music. As Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny famously said, “everything owes its existence to the frequency of sound”. 

Ernst F.F. Chladni, in the late 1700s, demonstrated precise geometric patterns could be produced by drawing a violin bow across a metal plate covered in sand. Hans Jenny (1904-1972), continued with this work. Using a variety of surfaces and substances, he created a dramatic transformation of shapes as various vibrations were applied through a sine wave generator and a speaker.

Sound and vibration bring all matter to life by affecting texture and structure. Sound is the basis of form and shape.

It is through vibrational frequencies your body is formed. From the cellular level to your organs to your body as a whole, each part carries its own resonant frequency. Your body resonates at 7-10 Hz, your heart at approximately 100 Hz, and a typical cell’s frequency is 1000 Hz.

Not only does your body resonate, but it also glimmers and emits light 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of the naked eye (2). This ultra-weak photon emission is released through changes in energy metabolism and your body; directly and rhythmically, emitting light.

You are very literally a being of light. Not only is there a relationship between sound and geometry, but there is also a relationship between light and sound.

You hear the difference between notes and see the differences between colours.

Renaissance architect and art theorist Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) agreed with Pythagoras, saying,

…I conclude that the same numbers by means of which the agreement of sound affects our ears with delight are the very same which please our eyes and our minds.”

Light is a form of radiation you can sense because it lies within a frequency range your eyes can see.

Physicist James Clerk Maxwell showed electricity and magnetic fields travel as waves, and those waves travel at the speed of light. Through this relationship, Maxwell predicted that light was carried by electromagnetic waves; therefore, light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. In other words, the visible light spectrum of the human eye lies within a much broader electromagnetic spectrum.

where the visible light spectrum sits within the electromagnetic spectrum

Somewhere over the rainbow: the relationship between light and sound.

The best part of a summer sun shower is searching the sky for that spectrum of colour arching across the sky.  A rainbow, hanging in all of its glory from red to violet leaving you to search for the bottom where the pot of gold might be hiding.

Infrared to ultraviolet exist within a frequency of 375 nanometers (nm) and 750 nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. Once electromagnetic wavelengths become shorter or longer, it moves out of the visible light spectrum into x-rays or radio waves.

A full rainbow in Hawaii

The frequency range within the visible light spectrum is forty octaves (one trillion times) higher than the middle audio octave (or frequency of vibration) you would hear on a piano. The visible light frequency is mirrored by a sound frequency of 375 TeraHertz (THz) to 750 THz. Essentially, there is no difference between these waves, they are described mathematically using the same sort of equations.

Visible light is tiny, really fast, electromagnetic particle-waves with a ratio of 1:2 that exists between wavelength and frequency for the light spectrum between infrared and ultraviolet. This relationship also exists in music, just as Pythagoras said.

Sound and light: relative frequency on a spectrum.

Showing the relationship between sound and light is merely a matter of relative frequency on a spectrum. 

The frequency of the middle note A on the piano tuned to concert pitch is equal to 440 Hz. If the note A is played on the keyboard one octave higher (7 white keys higher), the frequency of A equals 880 Hz. The note of A played an octave lower (7 white keys lower from middle A) equals 220 Hz, a relationship of 1:2.

Knowing this relationship, we can determine the colour (the corresponding wavelength) of middle A by raising 440 Hz by 2 to the power of 40. Increasing the frequency by a trillion, the sound wave moves up the frequency spectrum to about 483 THz, passing the threshold of human hearing and landing in the visible light spectrum as an orange-yellow colour. The same can be done for every note on the musical scale creating a colour frequency that corresponds to a note frequency.

This relationship of frequency and vibration between sound and colour is reflected in the ancient teachings of the chakras systems found in all corners of the globe.

The Chakras

The chakra system is steeped in history and embedded in the spiritual teachings around the world from Egypt to Mexico, Peru and India. It can be understood using scientific principles based on frequency and vibration.

Described in Hindu scriptures as wheels or vortices of energy, seven main chakras run along the spine from the base of your backbone to just above the crown of your head. They are connected by energy pathways, or Nadis, which is Sanskrit for rivers.

The relationship of the chakras and colour

Each of the seven main chakras correlates with the endocrine glands and vital organs located within the central nervous system. Each gland and organ have their own resonant frequency, corresponding with each chakra’s own colour. 

Moving up the spinal column from the first chakra at the base of the spine all the way up to the seventh chakra at the crown of the head, the vibrational frequency of the chakras increase -just like the visible light spectrum. Is there any coincidence your heart chakra is green, a colour frequency of 528 Hz, the frequency of love and creation just as Mother Earth shows love and creation in the life of her plants?

These rivers of energy pathways align with the central nervous system within the brain and along the spine (peripheral nervous system), feeding energy to all the tissues and organs in your body, a superhighway of electrical activity. Every major chakra is rooted in your brain and along your spinal cord.

Your nervous system in a nutshell: electrical currents.

A nerve impulse is a wave of electrical activity passing from one end of a neuron to the other. The nervous system functions as electrical signals that travel along an axon, having an electrical difference between the inside of the axon and its surroundings, like a tiny battery (3).  

Nerve impulses carry coding information similar to an FM radio, transmitting information accurately and quickly. These impulses are each the same size; however, the frequency carries information about the intensity of the signal.

There are two main parts of your nervous system. The Central Nervous System, which lies within your brain and spinal cord, and the Peripheral Nervous System which connects your brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body.

Human nervous system both CNS and PNS

The nerve bundles within the Peripheral Nervous System control involuntary responses like blood flow, digestion and the beating of your heart and make up the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is divided into the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight -prepare for danger) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (all is well -you can relax and digest)(4).

Parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve fibres come together at plexuses in the body. Nerve cells are bundled together and branch outward from the spinal cord toward your organs or back to the brain to relay messages.

Four main plexus connect vital organs to the nervous system:

  • the cardiac plexus (above the aortic arch of the heart), 
  • the celiac plexus (base of the ribs close to the stomach), 
  • the superior hypogastric plexus (ovarian/testicular or lower abdomen), 
  • the inferior hypogastric plexuses (the lower pelvic region)

Together, they align with the first four chakras and associated endocrine glands (5).

The remaining three chakras, five to seven, correspond with the thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands, three more important glands of the Endocrine System. The Endocrine System is essential to information exchange throughout the body, each gland secretes chemical messengers (hormones) through the bloodstream to specific areas of the body.

The chakras and associated endocrine system

You are energy. It doesn't just run through you, it is you.

Vibration is the essence of everything behind creation, you are emanating light at a cellular level, and your entire physical being functions based on electrical currents. Every aspect of who you are is created from light, electricity, vibration and sound. From the cellular level every muscle you move, every thought you think is a result of electrical activity. Your memories, thoughts and emotions are all coded electrical impulses firing within your nervous system.

Ancient civilizations understood this connection we have with the world around us; that we are beings of light and sound. Modern science has connected the dots between ancient wisdom and the physical world and with each discovery in quantum science, it affirms that our mind and body are not separate from spirit; we are but a tiny thread in the web of life.

Like the ancient Egypt Dendera Temple wall inscription says,

The sky and stars make music in you.

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